Classic prose

— 前路为高木所挡,何如?
If there is a tree blocking your way, what would you do?

— 绕木而行。
I shall go around it.

— 前路有狂风肆虐,何如?
And if a fierce wind should come your way

— 风过而行。
I shall wait for it to pass.

— 阻挡之物,缘何无怨?
Why don’t you show anger to those that block your way?

They are nothing but mere happenings in nature.

— 风起幡卷,心中无觉,是意不在焉。苟活之念生百忧也。若弃之,能参世间事否?
If nature does not stir your heart,it’s because you have non regard for it. What troubles you is your selfish heart that clings to life.
If I let that go, then shall I understand the world?

Everything in this word, you are one of them.

— 万不可独善其身,此乃世之真知。亦为生之真谛也。
Never attend to your own virtue in solitude,that is the ultimate truth. And your true self.



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