Some words being fit to rot in the heart

If you feel tired,  stop it,

Just dust yourself off,keep your mind clean.


Deliberately look for things that often can not be found.

All the things to come and go, have their own time.


Happy people,

who are not indignant at what they lost in stead of be grateful for what they still own.


Your desire for success must be greater than the fear of failure, then you can succeed.


Don’t be afraid the road is far.

Go one step further step in the landscape, the further step of joy.


There are some things hard to control,  Some words difficult opening.

Fortunately merciful time, we also have memories.


The misfortune is that people want to leave their own road, always thought of others bridge.


No one to accompany you to go for a lifetime, so you have to adapt to the loneness.

No one will help you for life, so you have to struggle.


Wait too long to get something,often they don’t have the appearance you had desired.


When you in a bad mood, close your eyes.

Tell yourself that this is an illusion.


There is no accident,it is made up of the necessary of wearing masks.

Courage, is to continually experience failure, but does not lose its enthusiasm.
When you wake up every day when there are two options:
1、wake up, sleep again and continue the unfinished dream.
2、wake up, get up and to realize your dream.
If time turns back, I would like to meet you in my best years.
To live a beautiful life, one must be tolerant, without complaint or explanation. 
Some words being fit to rot in the heart,
Some pains being fit to forget quietly.
When you have been through, you grow up,
Something are better left unsaid.

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