Silent zoo


Here, usually  people feel a shrine of nature, it has a lot of animals, but is different from the zoo, and other museums, like it was in the center of downtown, but it is particularly silent, this place called the Natural History Museum. I walked on the road more than once a different natural history museum, Paris, Berlin or Florence, Museum of Natural History seems different time perpendicular to the spool of urban civilization, lead you into another section of the city story.
Many Shanghai people still will retain the childhood memory of the first time into a natural history museum, built in an old building near the Bund before because the museum is about to move again this evokes memories of many people. Natural History Museum in the heart of this bustling city fashion high cost of land in the presence of the zoo, like a huge old world and modern contention for the day to let those in a hurry of modern society people can always hear these silent cries for help, and the best experience nature side of it.


Berlin Strangeness


Germany’s early winter, different from the view of Shanghai, various leaves have their unique beauties, in the evening through this landscape, the army came Invalidenstr Street has more than 60 million exhibits of the Museum of Natural History in Berlin, and the world’s largest dinosaur fossil opposite each other, the kind of mood, quite wonderful!
And this as a local one of the world’s largest natural history museum, which strangeness place, not only here has a pair of such discoveries in Tanzania Brachiosaurus fossils town hall in 1909, there is a room with strange light, in this room has a rectangular transparent display wall, all sides are filled with a variety of fish specimens,and one more bird feathers showrooms, inside the central cabinet, and indeed it will be thick body made of neatly arranged bird chromatography, which may also is the view only can be seen in Germany, they will not make a simple bird species specimens, but with a variety of feathers to show, every feather, which is a former Flying Dream, white bird floating in the air wings and let people can not help think of the movie《Berlin under the sky》 the angel wings, white, light, with a touch of poetic sadness wings.


Florence Art
Such experience of visiting the Museum of Natural History, if transferred to the romantic literature known Italian, in turn is another unexpected visit experience. Florence Natural History Museum can be visited as a fact, there are two places, one with 12 halls, set up in 1842 by the FILIPPO PARATORE, which has collections from different museums, with plenty of minerals, fossils and plant specimens known. Another more special and wonderful place is taxidermy Museum, originally built for scientific hobby in 1775, the furnishings have a telescope and weather instrument, known as the Astronomical Observatory, after a large collection of the Medici family of scientific collections and associated items, but also because of the acquisition of modern Italy and Africa arachnids specimens content enriched.

Walked into the courtyard and park next to Popoli connected, sun light and beautiful, it used a lot of marble and frescoed halls together semicircle, all suggest that this once beautiful art. But after you visited one after another taxidermy room with fresh and clean atmosphere, then you will see in 1895 a wax figure in this school produced 600 anatomical specimens. Suddenly walked among them, you will feel the the mood at the moment of horror ups.

Poetic Paris
Located in the Latin Quarter, the French National Museum of Natural History is part of the imperial garden of Louis XIII in the 18th century, European countries popular collection of animals and plants, minerals, and other ancient relics and ethnic information from around the world all kinds of rare antiquities, natural history museum in Paris where this botanical garden is set up in 1626 by Louis XIII, in 1792 officially changed its name to the National Museum of Natural History, is divided into mammoth collection of dinosaur fossils paleontology museum, ancient plant museum, featuring a huge crystal and Louis XIV collection of gemstone jewelry mineral museum, insect museum. This National Museum of Natural History in Paris, is one of the largest collections in the world, it used to be called “the natural history of the Louvre”. Because the glass roof was destroyed during World War II, after closing nearly 30 years, until it was later supported by French President Francois Mitterrand, was re-opened in 1994.

20130905123851_PXLts.thumb.700_0 3030922549221731166
After the reopening of 6,000 m² hall is the highlight of the whole evolution of the museum, all the buildings like the palace, a large space ceiling glass roof, itself is a typical end of the century cast-iron and glass architecture, the museum has maintained the original decor style, filled with poetic elegance share of old age. Into the door, greeted by a big whale floating in the air, skeleton, and locusts, butterflies, snakes, eagle, polar bears and other specimens of insects and animals, natural history between the 18th and 19th centuries are collected by the different naturalists. And there is  great shock effect, which is in the middle of the hall on the second floor of the floor as well as a group of very spectacular animals traveling team to the African elephant at the head, was following have rhinos, hippos, lions, giraffes, etc. Reminiscent of the animated film 《The Lion King》 in the scene, it is the most impressive views of the entire museum!


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